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Why is the compression ratio not so good?

FastLZ trades compression ratio in favor of speed. Thus, the focus is on compression and decompression speed.

For better (and of course, slower) compression, use other library such as zlib.

Can I replace liblzf with FastLZ?

Yes. See information on replacing liblzf.

Is FastLZ really free? Is there a catch?

Yes, it's free. And no, there is no catch.

FastLZ is distributed under the permissive MIT license. It is compatible with GNU GPL and LGPL so FastLZ can be used in many open source software. It is also not a problem to use FastLZ in proprietary applications.

Is there any commercial license for FastLZ?

No. There is no commercial license and likely it will not be offered.

Since FastLZ is distributed under MIT license, it is perfectly fine to use FastLZ in any closed-source applications.

Does FastLZ implement LZ77 or LZ78?


Is the algorithm covered by patents?

We are not in a position to answer questions related to compression technologies and patents. For legal advice, please consult an IP (intellectual property) attorney.