helpplatform-specific notes


Known to work

FastLZ is known to work without problem on the following platforms and compilers combinations:

FastLZ should work without problem on many different processor architectures, including but not limited to x86, x86-64, IA64, SPARC and many others.


FastLZ is not supported yet on the following platforms and compilers combinations:

All other compilers/platforms are not thoroughly tested so it may or may not work.

Please report encountered problems to the issue tracker.

Important Issues

Intel C++ compiler

Some versions of Intel C++ compiler might not be able to compile FastLZ properly. The compiler will give "internal error" and then abort the compilation because sometimes it can not handle __builtin_expect correctly.

The solution is to update the compiler to the latest version.

Another workaround is to specify option -no-gcc when invoking the compiler.

DOS platform

FastLZ can only be used with programs running for DOS (MS-DOS, PC-DOS, FreeDOS) with GCC 4.x by using DJGPP or by cross-compiling. All other compilers are not supported yet.