help6pack and 6unpack


6pack is an example program, a simple file compressor using FastLZ compression. It is created as an example to use FastLZ. 6pack is not optimized for performance. It is considered experimental software, so do not use it for critical data.

To get and compile 6pack, check the download page and also instructions on how to compile it.


To compress a file using 6pack:

6pack [options] input-file output-file

Possible options are:


6pack report.doc report.6pk

Path location is not stored in the package. If the specified output file already exists, 6pack will not compress the input file. Also, 6pack will not compress a 6pack package.

To show help on usage, just execute 6pack without any arguments.


To decompress the package:

6unpack package-file


6unpack report.6pk

File inside the package will be unpacked in the current directory.

If extracted file already exists, 6unpack will skip it, i.e. it won't overwrite any file.